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Our Mission Statement

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We provide advice and guidance that helps our clients avoid the pitfalls and takes the worry out of dying, taxes, and the uncertainty of what will occur with their children/beneficiaries. Unlike the competition, we work with all the pieces of the jig saw puzzle. Our goal is to mutually develop an approach that will accomplish exactly what the client desires for that person’s loved ones with the least amount of problems. We typically work with retirees & pre-retirees who have accumulated a net worth of at least $500,000 (including home equity and life insurance) and who want to protect and preserve what they have.

Our approach is quite detailed and intensive.

For Estate Planning, it is designed to maximize the probability of obtaining an estate plan that will accomplish exactly what the client wants and minimize the chances of mistakes or insufficiently achieving the desired goals (i.e. getting their only half way). Because of this, we will not simply ask the client a few questions over the phone, recommend a Trust, and be able to quote a fee. We need to be able to see the complete picture, first, in order to recommend the correct Trust and configuration. It is rationally the only proper way to do it and that is what our process is designed to accomplish. Typically, we meet with the client two or three times before we ever start drafting the documents.

For Estate Administration, Probate, and non-Probate, the goal is to guide you step by step to resolve the issues and prevent problems from ever occurring in the least expensive and quickest manner.  The most common difficulty that we have witnessed in our over 30 years of dealing with matters of this type is that people get overwhelmed and frustrated.  Our approach is designed so that you and our firm can work through this situation as a team; thereby making it far less likely that you will be deluged by all of the details, processes, and entities with whom you must work.  Our system breaks everything into bite sized pieces so the process will go as smoothly as possible.

If you have any of the following questions, we can help:

  • Do you have Living Trusts or Wills that haven't been reviewed in ages and you’re worried it may cause problems?

  • Has a loved one died or become mentally incompetent and you don't know what to do?

  • Do you have a business and you want to know if incorporating could protect you from lawsuits or would be otherwise worthwhile? 

  • Do you have a son or daughter who is worried about being sued (usually because the child is in a high risk occupation such as a physician) and you want to protect their inheritance? 

  • Are you a Trustee or Executor for someone else's estate and you want to protect yourself from being sued by the beneficiaries?