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VA Aid & Attendance--How Can I Correctly Choose Help?
One can consult with various people. The choice can mean the difference between success and failure. What you need to know to protect yourself!
A Survival Guide for Those Left Behind: The Price of a Loved One’s Dying...
What do you do when you find your spouse expired on the floor?
Estate Planning: The Price of Organization...
This report will guide you through the questions surrounding getting your estate planning in order.

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California Elder Law News Today
Table of Contents

QVap Trust:  Having Your Cake and Eating It, Too!

Power of Attorney & the VA

Can a Remarried Spouse Claim a Veterans Benefit (Part 1)?

Can a Former Non-Remarried Spouse Claim a Veterans Benefit (Part 2)?

VA Accreditation...Board Certification...Degrees...Designations..What Are These and Why Are They Important?

What Does the New Estate Tax Law Mean to Me (Part 1)

What Does the New Estate Tax Law Mean to Me (Part 2)

Why Powers of Attorney Need to be Reviewed & Updated

Choosing the Best Home Care Service for a Loved One

What Can a Home Equity Loan Do for You?

Why is it So Involved to Settle an Estate?

Acting as Mom's Power of Attorney---Did You Do the Most Important Thing First?

When is Someone No Longer Competent to Sign EP Docs

Estate Planning Myths and What the Hucksters Don't Tell You...

When Is a Couple Legally a Couple?

Can You Deduct the Cost of In-Home Care for the VA Aid & Attendance Benefit?

Worried About Your Parents–Want to Have “The Conversation?”

Do I Need an Attorney to Apply for Medi-Cal?

Selecting the Successor Trustee—More Difficult Than You Thought!

Should I Buy a $500 Checklist to Settle My Dad’s Estate?

Setting Your Child Up to be a Pigeon!

Medicare Will Pay for My Long Term Care... Won't It?

Can One Appeal a Medi-Cal or VA Denial?

Working with an Attorney? Do You Know How?

Step Up In Basis With A-B Trusts

Gifting with the Ability to Get It Back

What is the Look Back Period for Medi-Cal in California?

Did I Receive What I Was Supposed to From Mom?

Avoiding Capital Gains Tax With A-B Trusts

Insurance Agents and Veterans Benefits

Will My Son Contest My Trust

Changes On the Way For Veterans Benefits?

I Have the Solution, But No One Has the Authority to Carry Out the Solution.

Power of Attorney Not What Daughter Expected

Am I Being Cheated? Why Would I want to File a Death Tax Return If I Don't Have To?

What Do I Do When a Beneficiary Sends His Check Back?

Health Care Directives--Don't Leave Home Without Them?

What If I Lose My Original Documents?

Changes in Gifting Rules for VA Pension?

Don't Get Your Legal Advice from the Janitor!

Buying the Right Long Term Care Insurance- How to Do It!

Living Trusts and IRA’s–Timebomb Waiting to Happen?

The Medi-Cal Share of Cost is Breaking Me!

Don’t Get Your Legal Advice from the Janitor– Redux

Are Annuities the Devil Themselves?

Helping an Elder Budget (AKA Preventing Rip Offs)

How Many Beneficiaries Are Too Much?

Veterans Benefits and Penalty Periods

Three Financial Moves for Generation Y's

Irrevocable Trust:  Can It Be Amended?

Remarried Spouse Needs VA Benefits

Hidden Benefits for Disabled Vets!

Lawyers Make Big Deals Out of Nothing So They Can Charge Huge Fees

Why Can't I Wait 2 Years After Dad Died to Settle His Estate?

Getting Your Parents' Holdings Organized

When Hell Freezes Over I'll Hire An Attorney

Can An Irrevocable Trust Be Changed?

Should My Eldest Child Be the Successor Trustee?

The House Doc is Interfering with Medi-Cal

Medical Insurance When You Are Out of the Country–What Should You Have?--Part 1

Don't Leave Home Without It---Travel Insurance--Part 2

Don't Leave Home Without Them! Part 3

Don't Leave Home Without Them! Part 4

Don't Leave Home Without Them! Part 5

Don't Leave Home Without Them! Part 6

Don't Leave Home Without Them! Part 7

Don't Leave Home Without Them! Part 8

Selling A House of A Long Ago Decedent

Solving the Notarization No Driver's License Problem

A-B Trusts: Don't Give Away the Capital Gains Step Up!

My Home Burnt Down-Will the Insurance Company Pay?

I Need Options to Care for My Dad